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Bunion Toe Socks

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Get instant comfort and relief from bunions!

These split-toe bunion socks help treat bunions and provide continuous relief from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and other foot conditions. 

Just wear them when you sleep and wake up pain-free!

It offers additional support to keep feet aligned and heal bunions with just a few weeks of use. 

The split-toe design offers gentle correction of big toe bunions and also tailor's bunions. 


Soft and elastic, you'll feel super comfortable wearing them overnight! 

Available in one size that stretches considerably to fit most men and women. 


1. How do these socks treat bunions? 

These split-toes bunion socks offer a gentle correction of the big toe resulting in pain-free feet with less bunions. 

2. What is the best way to wear these socks?

Comfortable and extremely stretchy, it is best to wear these socks while sleeping. You can also wear them around the house during the day but they will not fit in closed-fit shoes. 

3. Can I use these even if I don't have bunions?

Absolutely! These bunion toe socks can also help with various foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and more!

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Soft and breathable design

Easy to use

Absorbs sweat


Provides pain relief

Comfortable to wear

For both men and women


Material: Acrylic